Sunday, 22 January 2012

I am Salman

Click through for the larger image. .
Print out the mask.It should print on standard A4-size paper. (If possible, stick this on to a piece of thin card paper to strengthen it.)
Cut out the extra bits so that you're left with just the face; make eyeholes.
Don't bother making a strap.
Come to the last event of the last day of the festival (The Intelligence Squared Debate, 24th Jan, 5.15pm - 6.15pm, Front Lawns).
Fasten the mask to your face with a scarf, dupatta, or some other strip of fabric long enough to go around your head. This should, naturally, cover, or gag, the mouth area.
Say nothing: no slogans, no statements, no readings or quotes. This is a quiet protest.
You don't know who started it. The originator does not want any credit.
Update: Not in Jaipur? You can still be part of this silent flash mob. Print the image. Take a photo of yourself. Use it as your avatar or Display Image on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blog or any other site you're a member of. (Optional: you can also add your photo here, on a Tumblr set up by a supporter.) You could even organise a group of friends and do this somewhere public. Whatever you're doing, do it at 5.15pm, India Standard Time (11.45am GMT) on the 24th January.